Ersatz Ersatz

Ersatz Faber 1Ersatz Faber 4Ersatz Faber 3Ersatz Faber 5Ersatz Faber 2Ersatz Faber 6Ersatz Faber 7

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4 Responses to Ersatz Ersatz

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Gunther.

      This was originally going to be a post about another fictional affliction related to the acquisition of dusty pencils: Verzerrte Bleistiftperspektive (or VBP for short). VBP is “a skewing in the ability to detect, recognize, or apprehend, the absolute physical dimensions of pencils (or related bric-à-brac), prior to their (often irrevocable) purchase. The sufferer is unfailingly surprised at the results.”

      NB: VBP is a leading cause of Stiftschmerz

      In other words, twice while I was hoping to find round refills for an A.W. Faber pocket pencil, I bought blindly (undoubtedly due to VBP) and ended up with ersatz ersatz pencils that do not fit the holder I own.


  1. andy says:

    I love old timey type where they use “random” quotation marks.


  2. memm says:

    The threads make them look so good!


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