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Tombow MONO Air

A tiny eraser… …that comes with an even tinier magnet… …is less likely to grow legs and walk away: Thanks to Yumiko for the Tombow MONO Air.

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A.W. Faber Polygrades: Old and New

In honor of Lothar von Faber’s 200th birthday, Faber-Castell has released a limited edition set of Polygrade pencils. Though it’s all too common today, von Faber was the first to offer a set with pencils of varying grades; some included an … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber: Sole Agent for A.W. Faber in New York

Having completed his law studies in Germany, Johann Eberhard Faber moved to America in 1848. He had spent the previous six months working for the family concern, A.W. Faber, and it was decided he would run the office being established … Continue reading

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Graf von Faber-Castell: A Change Of Era And A Black Perfect Pencil

On the second page of the new Graf von Faber-Castell catalog there is an interesting image: a black version of the Perfect Pencil along with a black pocket pencil. What’s more, considering the size of the lead this appears to … Continue reading

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The Alpheus Music Writer

For Percival it was the Holy Grail; Dr. Kimble, the one-armed man. For Ponce de Leon? To find the Fountain of Youth; for Cantor, to map the Continuum. Me? The Alpheus Music Writer. Alpheus Music of Hollywood, California, was in … Continue reading

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“The dusty smell of graphite…”

What follows may be the only description of its kind, and is a revelation. You only get to read this for the first time once, but if you are in a still and quiet place and read it just slowly enough, … Continue reading

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The Last Eberhard Faber Factory

In 1956-57, the Eberhard Faber Company moved operations from their Greenpoint, New York location (established in 1872) to a state-of-the-art facility in Crestwood Industrial Park, located in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. Some 37 acres of woods were cleared for the facility, which was designed … Continue reading

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Eberhard L. Faber III: Witness to History

Eberhard L. Faber III was the son of Lothar Washington Faber (1861-1943), and the grandson of Johann Eberhard Faber (1822-1879). During the 1920s and 1930s he coordinated between the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company based in Greenpoint, New York, and its newly-built … Continue reading

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If you are interested in vintage stationery be sure to stop by Taimichi. The Instagram page has something for just about everyone, I think, and there’s even more to be found on their blog. Last but not least, this collection has been photographed … Continue reading

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Ersatz Ersatz

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