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Passing The Barre Exam

The trees are turning in Wilkes-Barre and neighboring Bear Creek, Pennsylvania, where I recently visited for a few days. This is my third trip but I’m no closer to knowing the definitive pronunciation of “Barre.” It was a little easier … Continue reading

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Graf von Faber-Castell: Magnum

Graf von Faber-Castell’s new magnum-format Perfect Pencil is as great as its name suggests. The small linen pouch is always a nice touch; I feel more comfortable placing the pencil in my pocket or book bag if it’s not in … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber: Mongols, etc.

  Further escapades in pencil B-roll (no audio this time).

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The Castell is 111

1907 The A.W. Faber Castell turned 111 this year. If the brand’s longevity is surprising, its origins are even more so. The brand was cultivated by Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, the new head of A.W. Faber (having married Baron Lothar’s granddaughter Ottilie in 1898). … Continue reading

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Pencils Talking?

Pencil Talk is back online again; fingers crossed that we might see more… (If it comes down to a vote, consider this my early ballot.)

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Befiehl du deine Wege

The Alte Kirche in Stein, built in 1660. My first visit to Stein bei Nürnberg and Faber-Castell was in December of 2012. While visiting the Martin Luther Church (donated by patron Lothar von Faber and erected in 1861), I was told that the … Continue reading

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A View Of Some Rooms

When you visit the Faber-Castell factory in Stein, Germany, you’ll see it has four floors and is in the shape of a giant “U”, complete with smokestack. This photo was taken from within the building, where I was standing approximately … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber Van Dyke Display Stand


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“I, Lothar von Faber of Stein…”

So begins a little-known handwritten document from 1882. It is an assignment of rights for the trademark “A.W.F.” to Eberhard Faber (the son of Eberhard Faber I, who died in 1879). It is signed by Lothar von Faber, head of A.W. Faber … Continue reading

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Graf von Faber-Castell: Magna Cum Bleistift

Though this blog is devoted primarily to historical topics concerning the Faber houses, every once in a while a new or current product becomes the subject of a post. As a long-time user of the Graf von-Faber Castell Perfect Pencil (and the Bleistiftverlängerer), it’s … Continue reading

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