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National Pencil Day, 2015

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No. 1548

This Eberhard Faber flat pocket pencil has got me wondering something. It’s similar in design to countless other versions made by the company but this one has a clamp eraser, and the patent date for the clamp is embossed on … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber Hevi-Check 6339

I had always thought of the Hevi-Check as being a colored pencil: either red, blue, or half of each. It turns out there was a graphite version too. It’s an oversized pencil, and so has a large lead core. I assumed it would … Continue reading

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Jotting At Mach 2

I can resist the siren song of a new notebook or jotter most of the time, but this one had a bit of history associated with it: a jotter from Concorde. They were part of a kit each passenger received, … Continue reading

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Not Any Old Faber Will Do

In a previous post I mentioned that there are minute differences in dimension found between the flat cedar pencil refills manufactured by Fabers Eberhard, Johann, and Lothar. So there’s no guarantee things will fit properly just because the holder and the pencil … Continue reading

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“A.W. Faber’s New Drawing Pencil”

What does the beginning of a legacy (or perhaps a dynasty) look like? A.W. Faber Polygrade pencils were by all accounts of unprecedented quality and very popular. They eventually gave way to a new range though—the now-familiar “Castell” line of pencils—in … Continue reading

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A.W. Faber’s Graphite de Sibérie de la Mine Alibert

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Eberhard Faber Dart 1172

I suppose it looks a little bit like a dart, but past that I’m not sure where the name comes from. The design for this pencil dates back to 1937/38; the designer, H.J. Roth, assigned the design patent to the Eberhard … Continue reading

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Van Dyke Brown. And Blue. And Green…

Of Eberhard Faber’s colored pencils the Mongol line is probably best known, but these are some of the lesser-seen Van Dyke colored pencils: And while Mongol pencils were designed so that they could blend by using water and a brush (e.g. “Paint With Pencils”), Van Dyke … Continue reading

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Some Points

American Machinist Magazine, 1914

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