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If you are interested in vintage stationery be sure to stop by Taimichi. The Instagram page has something for just about everyone, I think, and there’s even more to be found on their blog.

Last but not least, this collection has been photographed and published in a brilliant book (above), whose title I’m told translates as The World of Good-old Times’ Stationery.

Thanks to Yumiko for the book and the links!

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7 Responses to @tai_michi

  1. Duly bookmarked. Thanks, Sean.

    “The world of good-old times”: sounds like the translation they might really want is “the dowdy world.” 🙂


    • Sean says:

      I was just reading through the etymology of “dowdy” and was excited to come across the word “pandowdy.” But rather than meaning something like ‘all-dowdy’ or ‘completely dowdy’, I was disappointed to learn that it is some sort of apple pie.

      The upside though is that now I know what to get you for the holidays.


  2. Patrick says:

    Speaking of Instagram, isn’t it time you threw your hat into that ring?


    • Sean says:

      I’ve thought about that, but then it seems I’d just be copying the photos I’ve already posted in one place (here), and would need to crop them into a square format.


  3. Gunther says:

    Thank you for recommending that book, Sean! I have ordered it immediately, and it has already arrived. It is amazing and worth buying for the photos alone!


    • Sean says:

      You’re welcome! Yumiko brought it to my attention, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard of it. I think there are some really interesting Staedtler items in there (well, new to me at least).

      …and we are waiting for the Encyclopedia Lexikaliker to be published… 🙂


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