1874 Eberhard Faber Catalog

This catalog and price list from the Eberhard Faber Company dates back to 1874. I’ve had in mind the idea of creating a facsimile edition and printing a small quantity for sale.

The catalog has been professionally digitized by a company that specializes in digital archiving. Despite being in excellent shape, a great deal of digital editing is required. For example, there are some folds in the cloth cover:

On the left side is the book, and on the right is a color test print from a commercial printer. Many of the letters are clipped in places, but I’ve been able to harvest serifs from the same or similar letters from other locations:

I’m not trying to correct all of the marks and flaws that contribute to the book’s patina, but it should at least be readable.

        Original scan.                                                              Edited file.

The pages will be printed in black and white on glossy stock. Since the pages have slightly yellowed due to aging, selecting the background out while preserving the sharpness of the text requires a considerable amount of editing. Another option would be to use similarly colored stock, something that can be explored by doing test prints. But at this stage, things like stains, tears, and folds can be removed.

      Book photo.                                        Test print of edited page.

There are about 127 pages, and the catalog includes an appendix of mathematical instruments such as dividers, extensions, protractors and ruling pens, etc.

With any luck I hope to have it finished by February.

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3 Responses to 1874 Eberhard Faber Catalog

  1. Stephen says:

    Enjoying the anticipation!


    • Sean says:

      Thanks, Stephen. The printer I plan on using only offers paperback in this particular size, so if I were to do a hardcover edition I would need to enlarge it slightly.


  2. Gunther says:

    The catalogue is beautiful – what a fantastic project!


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