Some Box*

Photo: Faber-Castell

For the completist is the newly-announced Karlbox. Only 2,500 were made so hurry! For me at least, I’m still holding out hope for a Bachbox (but would also settle for a Rachbox).

DSCF2100(These aren’t real products.)

The signature on the first drawer is a poignant reminder that this was likely a project the late Count von Faber-Castell was involved with—perhaps Faber-Castell might share some more of the project’s backstory in the future.

I wonder what other ideas and projects were begun by the Count that we might yet still see. Here’s to hoping a whole bunch.

*”Some Box” is a variation on a riff started here and continued here. In this case though, it’s meant in the sense of “Wow, that’s some box.”

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5 Responses to Some Box*

  1. memm says:

    I’d certainly buy the Kontrapunkt box.


  2. penciltalk1 says:

    I’m a major fan of Faber-Castell. I like much (not all) of what I know about Karl Lagerfeld, though personally am not very familiar with any product or design of his, except his own image.

    The box looks great, but there is no new product here – just new packaging. That’s money that could go towards a pencil keychain or even some clothing!


  3. Sean says:

    I wonder if there’s ever been a consideration to do a magnum box like this, but perhaps as a “Faberbox” so-to-speak rather than as a tie-in with another personality/company. I suppose the 250th anniversary box covered this idea for the most part, but I’m thinking of a product that would be a continuous catalog item.

    Here is a limited edition set I haven’t seen before:


  4. penciltalk1 says:

    That’s pretty cool – she’s fully used the set. I still suspect the parts could be assembled for less, but perhaps that also has a cost, and the set presents immediate utility.


    • Sean says:

      This is just a tangent, but, I learned something during my first visit to Faber-Castell regarding boxes and their use. You know the Perfect Pencil cassettes with the metal lid—the black wooden piece that holds the pencil and refills in place is meant to be removed, and the box is meant to be used as a pencil box. I was as surprised to learn that as they were surprised that I didn’t know that.


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