Anniversaries (6)


Den Freunden des Hauses A.W. Faber Castell gewidmet. Firmenschrift zum 1975 jährigen Jubiläum.

This book, 31 x 20 cm with a corrugated board cover embossed with the corporate coat of arms, was published in 1936 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of A.W. Faber-Castell:


Inside there are 36 pages of handmade paper, which have a consistency similar to construction paper:


The texture of the paper and the printing have all the hallmarks of letterpress, and the body text is dark green in color (difficult to discern in the photos):


As you would expect the text focuses primarily on the family histories of the Fabers and Faber-Castells in Germany, but there is also the occasional illustration.


There isn’t much to see in terms of products though, mostly historical drawings of people and places, including an illustration of the factory in Stein in 1861:


Toward the end of the book you can see the contemporary state of operations at the factories in Stein and Geroldsgrün:


While the family history reaches back to 1761 there is an emphasis on more contemporary advancements, such as the Castell pencil line introduced by Count Alexander Graf von Faber-Castell:


All in all a very interesting and beautifully manufactured publication; it would be interesting to find out how many were originally printed.



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1 Response to Anniversaries (6)

  1. Matthias says:

    What a great find!
    The book looks great, but according to your description of the paper etc it must feel even so much better in reality.
    I guess only the official FC archive can rival all the treasures you have stored in your home.


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