This Eberhard Faber “573” seems like a predecessor of the modern clutch pencil. It’s 14.5 cm long, with a substantial ferrule and eraser (I wonder, though, what could be done once the eraser was worn down). The diameter is just slightly larger than that of a round wood-cased pencil.

The cap is threaded, and when tightened it holds the lead in place; it was probably a little inconvenient to keep advancing the point. I don’t know what size lead was used, but it looks like the standard 2.0 mm variety should fit.

I’m presuming that most if not all of the barrel is hollowed-out, owing to its lack of weight, but it feels very solid and well-made.

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6 Responses to 573

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  2. Gunther says:

    A beautiful item, and even it might have been not very user-friendly is sure was a pleasure to hold. – You photos are amazing!


    • Sean says:

      Thanks! It’s really comfortable to hold, and I bet if a harder grade is used that it may not require very frequent sharpening. I’d like to know whether this was an item that was marketed to professionals, or more of a premium item for general use.


  3. Edward Bagenal says:

    I love this blog- thanks for sharing all these pencil related wonders. I am a huge enthusiast and am particularly interested in Eberhard Faber. This is a beauty. I had a slightly different short barrel version, with a brown enameled brass body and wooden inner, which I loved- I lost it, sadly, but have photos, if you would be interested to see. Always nice to read a fellow pencilman’s thinking. Thanks, Edd Bagenal


  4. Edward Bagenal says:

    I just found one of these and it had a fragment of lead left in it. The lead was 2.4mm, which is the same as Eberhard Faber’s ‘Pony Clip’ pencil, an example of which I also found containing the factory lead. It holds a 2mm lead, though, also- so still easily serviceable.


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