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When Pencils Could Talk

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If Pencils Could Talk

The world makes sense again— Pencil Talk has reappeared through its index page (click): Update: As of November 1st, Pencil Talk will go offline for good. No word yet as to whether an archive will be made available, but I’m hopeful that a … Continue reading

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To Edith from Will

A.W. Faber’s English Polygrade Lead-Pencils were first brought to market in 1837. From the consistency of the leads to the detailed printing and packaging, they represented the pinnacle of mid-19th century pencil-making: Polygrade sets came in a variety of configurations: some with as many … Continue reading

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Making a Lyra (Fan) Out Of Me in Milan

A rainy day in Milan meant there’d be no visiting the Duomo.  Instead the afternoon was put to good use attending to instruments, which were taking a bit of beating passing through many less-than-sensitive hands. I know next to nothing about … Continue reading

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Par Ys

The toponym “Paris”, like many place-names, is derived from the name of a region’s ancient inhabitants: in this case it was the Parisii. But there is another explanation I’ve always liked despite being apocryphal. It has to do with the imaginary city of … Continue reading

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Frankfurt (2): Lexipuntalism

Perhaps the highlight of my time in Frankfurt though, was spending some time with Gunther from Lexikaliker. I’ve been a fan of Lexikaliker since about 2008, and there’s hardly a blog out there that can compare with the care and … Continue reading

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Frankfurt (1)

It was a little rainy and dreary in Frankfurt but with a day off and the Faber-Castell store only a half-mile’s walk from the hotel, some inclement weather wasn’t going to stop me. Apparently this is one of the flagship stores … Continue reading

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Not Enough Time in Tilburg

I really like Holland, and I think I could live here were I given the choice. Tilburg, like the rest of Holland, is beautiful. There’s a slight chill in the air making things just crisp enough but not too cold. … Continue reading

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A Species of Waiting

I only wish I had counterpoint books for everyone who was waiting at the airport, but I only brought one with me. Perhaps a cantus firmus group-sing is in order. I came across this very nice shop near the hotel. It … Continue reading

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Echoing both Lexikaliker and Bleistift there is a new pencil-related blog called “pencilsandotherthings“, and the most recent post—featuring a photograph of conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin with a pencil in his mouth—has me feeling right at home. Best wishes for your new blog, … Continue reading

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