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Seven Years

WordPress informs me that Contrapuntalism has turned seven. And as it is with most anniversaries, I’m left wondering where the time has gone. I started blogging slowly with a site called Pencils and Music, which like a lot of blogs ended up being more … Continue reading

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Menu Items

The organization of this blog has been updated a little bit: The main menu bar has been updated to include links to posts concerning my two visits to Faber-Castell in Stein. The separate posts of the second visit, called Two (K)nights to Remember: … Continue reading

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Tokyu Hands, Osaka

Due to an unforeseen change in schedule, I ended up having half a day to explore the environs near our hotel. I was told that Tokyu Hands, an eight-floor department store, had an excellent selection of stationery. I should have … Continue reading

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Well-Tempered Blackwing

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Faber-Castell’s jumbo version of the Castell 9000. It’s interesting that the diameter of the cores seem to vary less between degrees than they do in standard-diameter pencils. They are the same length as the standard Castell 9000, it’s just the diameter that … Continue reading

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Hand, Sharpened.

Sharpening pencils by hand seems like one of those life-skills that has nearly vanished. It’s easy to understand why—pencil sharpeners are (mostly) inexpensive, can be found anywhere, and they get the job done. But there’s something very self-reliant about sharpening … Continue reading

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