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I first met Count Faber-Castell in December of 2012, as part of a visit to Stein that Faber-Castell had generously arranged. During the second evening about 10 of us or so were gathered in a fine Nürnberg restaurant, not far from … Continue reading

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Faber Circular Erasers

Comments from the previous post got me wondering about circular erasers. Whether for typewriters or pencil, the shape was supposed to offer a consistently thin edge. Here is an advertisement from 1890 for E. Faber’s new circular erasers: I wonder, … Continue reading

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Old and New

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Wood and Metal

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Since I’ve been posting about this pencil lengthener recently, here are some scans of the very first Graf von Faber-Castell catalog and their bleistiftverlängerer: (I’m not sure if refills for the lobster were available. Perhaps a special edition?) Pencils from the … Continue reading

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Leather v. Silver

I don’t usually carry a pencil in my Graf von Faber-Castell leather writing case—a ballpoint or a fountain pen normally sits there. But I recently placed my GvF-C pencil and extender in the pen loop. The extender is silver-plated, and … Continue reading

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Where There’s A Wilkes There’s A Way

Reading and writing materials for a short trip to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, last home of the Eberhard Faber Corporation: For writing, an A.W. Faber Castell waistcoat pencil (c. 1910), Graf von Faber-Castell A4 writing case, pad, and pernambuco fountain pen. For reading … Continue reading

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Frankfurt (1)

It was a little rainy and dreary in Frankfurt but with a day off and the Faber-Castell store only a half-mile’s walk from the hotel, some inclement weather wasn’t going to stop me. Apparently this is one of the flagship stores … Continue reading

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A Species of Waiting

I only wish I had counterpoint books for everyone who was waiting at the airport, but I only brought one with me. Perhaps a cantus firmus group-sing is in order. I came across this very nice shop near the hotel. It … Continue reading

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