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Isn’t It Time For An Eberhard Faber Postage Stamp?

Not only is it time, I’d say it’s long overdue. Based on everything that the U.S. Postal Service asks of a stamp proposal, I put together a prospectus and created the samples pictured here. Should the proposal progress, I have someone … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber: Retooling

There’s nothing quite like genuine parts when you’re doing a little refurbishing. These 1282 replacement erasers for the clamp, originally made from the Red Ruby formula, are still surprisingly pliant. They were used for the earlier Blackwing and Van Dyke pencils. Eventually … Continue reading

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Family Tree Forest

If a family tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see or hear it, did all this work actually happen? The tree in the photo represents only 20% so far, give or take a Lothar.

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A Conversation With Eberhard Faber IV

In researching American pencil-making I have encountered one overriding consistency: trade-related print sources are mostly inconsistent, especially the early ones. And as with any long story, names, dates, places, and events are told and retold until at best they become nearly impossible … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber Transfer Ink Pencil No. 751

Copying pencils have a long and storied history. Along with the Noblot and the Blu-Blak, the Eberhard Faber Co. also made the Transfer ink pencil, which may have been one of their original ink pencils. Though I don’t know their exact age, … Continue reading

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The Boys: The Shermer Brothers’ Story

Animators weren’t the only ones at Disney who were fond of a particular species of avian pencilry; some composers were too (images © Walt Disney Studios): Even if you don’t recognize the names ‘Robert and Richard Sherman’, it’s likely you … Continue reading

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