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Eberhard Faber 1580/1582

An old and unremarkable Eberhard Faber pencil box I recently came across had two remarkable items in it, and both were extenders/caps. First was this extender with clamp eraser, similar to the one in this post: (With a Blaisdell Calculator 600.) This style … Continue reading

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BT1 and 1511?

Two clamp-related items for this post: one is familiar, the other less so. The “BT1” is another iteration of the Eberhard Faber double-clamp eraser. It looks nearly identical to the No. 2095 from a recent post, and both are German-made: … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber No. 2095

This item appears to be the German cousin of No. 1085, fitted with both adjustable and replaceable graphite and ink erasers: Until I saw one in person I wasn’t sure how its size compared to the clamp erasers found on … Continue reading

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Patents on Display

[This post is an update to this entry.] The earliest mention I have found so far about this Eberhard Faber pencil extender is a 1921 advertisement, which shows that they were sold with a Pocket Mongol and displayed on a lithographed card: … Continue reading

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“A box of the type including a body section…”

The clamp eraser was not only a feature of many Eberhard Faber products, its design was extolled on some of their packaging too. As you push the end of this box, a cardboard insert shaped like the eraser extends outward from … Continue reading

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(Thanks to Memm for the 80s 9000s.)

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“A New Eraser in a Jiffy!”

Here are some advertisements from 1924 touting the Eberhard Faber Van Dyke 601 with its “Clamp” tip and adjustable eraser. Even though I first learned about this pencil and eraser design almost 90 years after it was introduced, it still appeared … Continue reading

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All Clamped Up.

I don’t use mechanical pencils, for the most part, though I do have two Faber-Castell TK Fine Vario pencils. As a result, lead refills aren’t usually something I pay much attention to. These Mongol refills, however, have a unique aspect to their … Continue reading

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