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Eberhard Faber Permapoint 182 Mechanical Pencils

Though I agree with each and every word written in Chapter 11 of David Rees’s book, these Permapoint mechanical pencils from Eberhard Faber are an exception, owing to their clamp erasers. The double-ring motif usually found on the ferrules made its way … Continue reading

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Replacement Parts

There’s a pronounced inequity when it comes to the two components of a tipped wood-cased pencil: The pencil itself could survive for centuries and still work as well, while the eraser would have long-since become part of the fossil record. … Continue reading

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Before there was the Clamp, there was The Clamp

Point of interest: The pencil’s catalog number is the same as the year (1893), which probably isn’t coincidence, but could only be used on one writing instrument per year. It’s an interesting step in the evolution of clutch holder design, … Continue reading

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Ink blotter from the German branch of Eberhard Faber, ca. 1930s.

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Inspired by Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker.

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I’ve mentioned the Eberhard Faber double-clamp eraser a few times, though they were models that were manufactured and sold in Germany. This is the original 1085, from 1921: The erasers here aren’t original—they are from a Faber-Castell 7041-20 natural rubber … Continue reading

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Microtomic Tube

Yet another application of Eberhard Faber’s clamp eraser design, this time as end-caps for a tube of Microtomic replacement leads: The label mentions Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, which means that they were made no earlier than 1957 1956 (when the Eberhard Faber … Continue reading

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Theory and Practice (3)

1927 British patent, photos added.

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Theory and Practice (2)


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An Eraser of a Different Sort

This eraser attachment was made by Eberhard Faber and has a patent date from the late 1800s. The eraser is a little bit thicker than the slot it goes into, so it sits firmly inside. The assembly fits round or … Continue reading

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