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A.W. Faber-Castell: 1972 Frankfurt Trade Show

This clip is from UFA (Universum Film) Dabei, 1972. It is a brief look at some products that A.W. Faber-Castell offered at the 1972 Frankfurt Trade Show. The music is a perfect fit.

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A.W. Faber-Castell: Welt im Film

Beginning in May, 1945, the American and British occupying powers produced a newsreel called Welt im Film. Its purpose was political: to reeducate the German population, and to supplant the ideology of National Socialism with notions of democracy. To that end the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Books

The Eberhard Faber Company suffered a devastating fire in 1872, destroying their first factory which was situated along the East River. At the time it was reported to have been a total loss, but remarkably this ledger book survived. Cover … Continue reading

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The Castell is 111

1907 The A.W. Faber Castell turned 111 this year. If the brand’s longevity is surprising, its origins are even more so. The brand was cultivated by Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, the new head of A.W. Faber (having married Baron Lothar’s granddaughter Ottilie in 1898). … Continue reading

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“I, Lothar von Faber of Stein…”

So begins a little-known handwritten document from 1882. It is an assignment of rights for the trademark “A.W.F.” to Eberhard Faber (the son of Eberhard Faber I, who died in 1879). It is signed by Lothar von Faber, head of A.W. Faber … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber’s Artist’s Pencil

Offered individually as well as in sets, this early leadholder from the Eberhard Faber Co. is likely from the late 19th or early 20th century. This pencil is nearly identical in size and design to A.W. Faber’s Artist’s Pencil, from the polished rosewood … Continue reading

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A.W. Faber, 1897

The original 1897 trademark for the firm “A.W. Faber” in America. S

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A.W. Faber “Castell” Pocket Pencils 1906

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Menu Items

The organization of this blog has been updated a little bit: The main menu bar has been updated to include links to posts concerning my two visits to Faber-Castell in Stein. The separate posts of the second visit, called Two (K)nights to Remember: … Continue reading

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