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Violinist Michael Rabin, Mongol Enthusiast

A screen grab from a documentary about violinist Michael Rabin; he’s using an Eberhard Faber Mongol to edit his score. Thanks to Elaine!

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The Red-Winged Flightless Mongol

I try for the most part to use only photographs of my own taking for this blog. This is done as part of an attempt to offer as much original content as possible rather than being just another echo in a sea … Continue reading

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Mongol Monoplane ca. 1917

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A Mongol Cabinet, and a Sailboat

This is a 1909 advertisement for a Mongol display cabinet from Eberhard Faber. Looking at the image of a sailboat in the center, it made me think of the box for an early version of the Blackwing. The design of … Continue reading

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Surreal Mongol

I can’t be certain, but it looks as if a young Salvador Dalí (1937) might be using an Eberhard Faber Mongol for sketching Harpo: < p style=”text-align:center;”>Photo: Los Angeles Examiner

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An Alternate History of the Mongol Pencil (or Yes Virginia, there is a Pencildom)

This is the earliest use of the word “Pencildom” I’ve seen (1912), and it’s capitalized no less: I’ve only ever used the word jokingly, but seeing it printed in a 100-year-old magazine suggests that perhaps there just might be a … Continue reading

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“…the characteristic Mongol band.”

No, this isn’t a post about hoomii throat-singing. It’s about an unexpected benefit that comes about when finding these old documents: they sometimes help to determine what certain things were called. I don’t mean the brands or other proprietary stuff, rather it’s … Continue reading

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1909 Mongol Display

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A Night in Mongolia

All photos are ca. 1950, and are from the Brooklyn Historical Society.

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Eberhard Faber “Mongol”

I never quite warmed-up to the Mongol. It’s one of Eberhard Faber’s oldest brands, dating back at least to the early 1910s, and there have been many iterations of this pencil. Perhaps that’s why I have been less interested in … Continue reading

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