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The Paper Seahorse

Tucked away in Tampa’s SoHo district is the city’s only independent stationery store, The Paper Seahorse. I went for my first visit today. The store bills itself as a ‘Paperie and Makerie.’ There was a large selection of items, arranged … Continue reading

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The American Slate Pencil Works of Castleton, Vermont, 1869.

Slate tablets and slate pencils were big business in the mid-to-late 19th century. The states of Vermont and New York, often referred to as the “Slate Belt”, were geologically rich in slate. Mills began to appear as early as the … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada

So a friend of mine, who lives in Germany, sent me a book recently. Delivery times vary but I noticed that this parcel was taking a little longer than usual. It finally arrived this past Saturday, complete with an explanation: … Continue reading

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Some (Recursive) Rocks

What brings more joy than one some pyramids? When there’s an extra some pyramids!

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A Window On The Past

Library of Congress This Richmond and Backus Co. window display from 1902 is packed with all kinds of name-brand stationery items, including E. Faber’s Circular Erasers, Columbia Drawing Ink, and Keuffel & Esser Slide Rules to name a few. How … Continue reading

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Pratteln Sneak-Thief

Be mindful of your french fries in Pratteln, Switzerland:

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“How To Take A Test”

Do you start to panic when you sit down to take a test? Would you like to improve your test scores? Well, in no time this 1956 short from Young America Films should get you turning tests like Tinker to Evers to … Continue reading

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Eugene Awed Again

A double rainbow in the skies above Eugene, Oregon. I left disappointed however, not having discovered even one of what must have been (as logic would dictate) a minimum of four available pots of gold.

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Annapolis is the de facto capital of Maryland, though Baltimore sometimes receives the nominal designation. Both are beautiful and I miss them, having lived in a suburb of Baltimore for a few years. NB: I would have preferred a period at the end of the … Continue reading

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Some advice from Rilke

     “Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and nothing can reach them so little as criticism. Only love can grasp them and keep hold of them and be just to them. Always trust yourself and your own … Continue reading

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