Mongol Musings

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4 Responses to Mongol Musings

  1. Thank goodness his favorite soup wasn’t, say, “Chicken Noodle.” A terrible name for a pencil.

    Once when we had friends over for dinner, each person got a Mongol pencil along with their purée Mongole. It was a fun meal.


    • Sean says:

      The “Faber Bisque” almost sounds plausible.

      Your comment about dinner made me wonder about the Faber brothers (Lothar Washington and John Eberhard), and to what extent the topic of pencils came up when they were in public situations. They were very social and belonged to many clubs and organizations. Would they bring some samples along for friends, or for their friends’ children maybe? Or were pencils the last thing they wanted to talk about when they were away from the factory? What were their particular favorites, if any?


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