Eberhard Faber: Rough Draft

“Rough draft” might be too generous. It’s more like a “rough compilation”—396 pages so far, with at least as many to go. This copy is a one-off.

Toward the beginning is the Faber family tree I’ve cobbled together, though it’s still a work-in-progress. (My claim is that the tree is accurate to within one Lothar, ± an Eberhard.)

An engraving of the first Eberhard Faber Company storefront, and a scan of an agreement from 1882 between Lothar von Faber and Eberhard Faber for the use of “A.W.F.”

The original patent for attaching an eraser by means of a ferrule.

A couple of Fabers: Lothar Washington and Eberhard III.

Some advertising: I wish I could find an original print of this particular ad.

Scans of a monograph written by Eberhard Faber II in 1917, “The History of the Lead Pencil.”

Some reproductions from the 1923 company catalog.

Some patent drawings are included, along with photos I’ve taken of the actual objects.

Some examples of company graphic design, after many hours of restoration and touch-up.

Some of my Blackwing-related photos.

The cover art is going to change at some point, but I’m warming up to this design.


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25 Responses to Eberhard Faber: Rough Draft

  1. Tony says:

    Nice, super nice!

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  2. Really great research. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Michael Polsinelli says:

    OMG, Let us know if you ever finalize it and put them up for sale.

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  4. Amanda Lane says:

    I’d like a copy. How do I get one?

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  5. AJ emmons says:

    Amazing accomplishment. I hope a publisher knocks on your door.

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  6. Rachel Downing says:

    Looks Amazing. I know you will publish sometime and I am looking forward to that!

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  7. memm says:

    Accurate to within one Lothar, ± an Eberhard 😂😂😂
    The book looks amazing and with the meticulous research you normally do on a subject it will be fantastic! Thank you for all the hard work you do for the pencil fandom.

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  8. Gunther says:

    Sean, this is incredible!

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  9. Stephen says:

    Whoa, this is amazing!


    • Sean says:

      I’m having a flashback of when I first saw Pencil Talk, all those years ago, searching online for any No. 1 pencils I could find. My recollection is that I shrugged a little in disbelief, and said to myself something like: “People have blogs about…pencils?”


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  11. GraphiteGuy says:

    Amazing, simply amazing. If you ever put copies out, and I hope you do, I would definitely be interested in owning one.


  12. Philippe says:

    Time for a Kickstarte !


  13. Brock Putnam says:

    I’m VERY interested in reading this book. I love the graphics that appear on this site!


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