G. Henle Notenblock

Henle Verlag, who in my opinion publishes just about the most beautiful scores available, has added a new manuscript notepad to their catalog. This is in addition to their small notebook and full-size sketchbook.

This pad is A4 in size with 12 systems, whose spacing is a little larger than that of the sketchbook’s 14 systems. The paper is the same stock that is used for their commercial scores.

The pad is glued at the top but the cover opens to the left.

Best of all it has a very stiff cardboard back, so you don’t necessarily need a hard surface just to jot something down.

You don’t come across A4-sized binders in the U.S. very often, though there are options for buying them online. No matter—this pad format is, for me at least, more useful for jotting than for saving.

If you haven’t already seen the company’s demonstrations of music engraving, you can watch them here and here.

I have no association with G. Henle Verlag; I’m just a lifelong fan of their editions.

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  1. memm says:

    Great choice of pencils for the last photo!

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