Oh, Canada

So a friend of mine, who lives in Germany, sent me a book recently. Delivery times vary but I noticed that this parcel was taking a little longer than usual. It finally arrived this past Saturday, complete with an explanation:


What amazes me most is, this happens frequently enough that a bespoke stamp had to be made. Who knows, maybe there’s an entire set…

Note to self: Don’t forget to write “Please Don’t Send To Canada” on all mail from now on that’s going to Europe and Japan, etc.

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7 Responses to Oh, Canada

  1. Yumiko says:

    That’s funny! And the country name that immediately came to my mind was…”Antigua and Barbuda”..I suppose what a big stamp it is…

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  2. memm says:

    If you were living in California I might understand (CA). This seems really odd, but certainly funny.


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