Graf von Faber-Castell: Magna Cum Bleistift

Though this blog is devoted primarily to historical topics concerning the Faber houses, every once in a while a new or current product becomes the subject of a post. As a long-time user of the Graf von-Faber Castell Perfect Pencil (and the Bleistiftverlängerer), it’s interesting to see that the refills have been given the magnum treatment:

118655_3 magnum-sized pocket pencils

They seem to be similar to the “Jumbo” version of the Castell 9000. What’s interesting though is that the diameter of the pencil has remained the same, whereas the Jumbo Castell 9000 has a larger diameter.

118555_Perfect Pencil magnum-sized

Refills for the Perfect Pencil come only in one grade (B is my guess), but having a choice now between two lead diameters I wonder whether the larger leads might be softer/darker. (I wonder, too, whether the word “Jumbo” will be used or if that too will get an upgrade.)

Along with a leather wrap for their Polychromos pencils, this leather-covered set of pencil holders is also new:118857_Elephant made from natural leather, big


To me at least, these pencil holders have something of the spirit found in accessories that were available during the first half of the twentieth century.

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