Isn’t It Time For An Eberhard Faber Postage Stamp?


Not only is it time, I’d say it’s long overdue. Based on everything that the U.S. Postal Service asks of a stamp proposal, I put together a prospectus and created the samples pictured here. Should the proposal progress, I have someone in mind to help design the actual stamp; these are more proof-of-concept than final product.


So many proposals are submitted each year that the approval process can take up to three years. But even if it’s selected you might not be notified as to when the stamp will appear.

Still worth a try, I think.

If you like the idea, maybe put a +1 or something in the comments section and pass along a link or two; perhaps a showing of support would help influence the committee.

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9 Responses to Isn’t It Time For An Eberhard Faber Postage Stamp?

  1. Yes. Just . . . yes.


  2. penciltalk1 says:

    What a great idea! Absolutely. Several categories under which stamps are issued could be relevant – industry, history, culture. But how about a tribute pencil?


    • Sean says:

      Thanks, Stephen.

      I’m not so sure about making a pencil to honor a master pencil-maker though. What comes to mind is that I think the maker of such a pencil would ultimately be riding off the name. This isn’t an exact analogy, but, it’s kind of like someone making a “Fabergé” egg to honor Carl Fabergé. In a way, all of the pencils that remain out there with the name Eberhard Faber on them are a tribute to him, and to the history of the company.

      But it’s a very interesting question. From what I know of John Robert Eberhard Faber II, a signature set of golf clubs would have put him over the moon. 🙂



  3. memm says:

    What a great idea. Please submit a proposal! The pencil fandom will be (even more) in your debt if this becomes a reality.


  4. This is a nifty idea. Stamp, yes. Tribute pencil, no. “Fabergé” egg, “Stradivarius” violin, no, no.


  5. penciltalk1 says:

    One’s own customized stamp (within some parameters) is an existing USPS program:


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