Basteln mit dem Musikaliker

The title of, and idea for, this post were inspired by stolen from some of my favorite posts at Gunther’s blog; a series called Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker.


The nickel plating on the clamp erasers matches the hardware so well, it’s a wonder they’re not a stock option:


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3 Responses to Basteln mit dem Musikaliker

  1. I will risk appearing simple (a daily matter for me): is this real, or Photoshopped?!


    • Sean says:

      Completely real. The clamps don’t really fit—they’re a skosh too small—so I put a little tape inside the barrel then held my breath as I tried to take the photos.

      By the way, I just found out that skosh (a word I’m used to saying rather than spelling), comes from the Japanese word sukoshi, which approximately means “little” or “a little bit.” For some reason I thought it might have been West Coast slang (I suppose there’s still a chance it is).


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