Eberhard Faber: Retooling

Refill Erasers 1

There’s nothing quite like genuine parts when you’re doing a little refurbishing. These 1282 replacement erasers for the clamp, originally made from the Red Ruby formula, are still surprisingly pliant.

Refill Erasers 5

They were used for the earlier Blackwing and Van Dyke pencils.

Refill Erasers 2

Eventually the Blackwing shared the same eraser as the Microtomic (which was once the Van Dyke), and were similar to the Pink Pearl.

Refill Erasers 6

These remain remarkably soft as well:

Refill Erasers 7

Though to be honest neither were very good at erasing, even during their heyday.

Refill Erasers 4

If the pencil had a softer lead, and if you were writing on smooth paper, the eraser tended to distribute the graphite more than erase it.

Refill Erasers 3

Still, it’s better to have a fresh replacement than a hardened and shriveled eraser—something you often find on vintage Blackwing 602 and Van Dyke 601 pencils.


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  1. memm says:

    Aladdin’s cave is nothing compared to your desk!


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