Faber-Castell Schnapszahlen

119091_Castell 9000 Gift Box set©Faber-Castell

It wasn’t until Matthias from Bleistift clued me in on Schnapszahlen that I began to understand many of the anniversary-related products Faber-Castell has offered over the years. Milestones such as their 250th anniversary made sense, but…their 222nd?

To be honest I was a little cynical when I first saw that 222nd anniversary set years ago. It gave me the impression of an overburdened marketing director sitting at a desk, missing out on Christmas dinner with the family, staring blankly at the big red circle around January 1st on the calendar, muttering over and over again: “I must think of something. I must think of something…”

As its turns out, in some parts of the world those types of anniversary numbers are worth celebrating every bit as much as the rounded ones.

119091_Castell 9000 Gift Box set


Schnapszahlen are an example of “repdigits”: numbers that enjoy a slightly elevated sense of privilege owing to their repeated digits. They are palindromes by nature and in certain instances, express symmetry.

So it all made perfect sense when I first saw this new Faber-Castell gift set, celebrating the 111th anniversary of the Castell 9000: the perfect National Pencil Day* gift for the pencil- blogging musician(s) in your life.

*March 30th.

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2 Responses to Faber-Castell Schnapszahlen

  1. memm says:

    That’s a good looking presentation box. I guess the pencils are not stamped, so the pencils don’t feel as special as the 222/Jubilator ones, but it’s still a good idea.
    Thanks for showing us!


    • Sean says:

      No stamping as far as I can tell, and it looks as if the box is cardboard. I agree it’s a nice set, and I think it may be the only one that has the jumbos with the full set. At least, something other than one of the gigantic wood-box collections.

      Update: limited to 5,000.

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