‘World Travelers Return’; the Fabers in Europe

While searching through periodicals from the turn of the twentieth century, I often come across travel notices: lists and lists of ships and the souls they carried onboard, with the occasional spotlight on the more well-to-do. It must have been very exciting for first-time travelers, and a point of pride for them to have had their names published in the newspaper.

The following notice from 1927 tells of a trip taken by the Fabers to Europe:Eberhard Faber World Travelers Return 1927

With Neumarkt so close to Stein I’m curious to know if Eberhard Faber stopped by A.W. Faber-Castell. He interned there as a young man (when he was still John Robert Faber), but had to return home to New York upon the passing of his father. Years of lawsuits between the two companies ceased around 1913 but I’m not certain if Eberhard Faber II ever came in contact with Count Alexander (who died the following year). Alexander’s son, Count Roland, took over the company in 1928.

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