Mitsubishi 130th Anniversary


Commemorating 130 years, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company has issued limited-edition sets of their Uni and Hi-uni pencils.

MitsubishiKatakanaThe quality of the finish is as high as it has ever been, though these are made a little more special with the inclusion of my name in Katakana. So if I happen to lose one of these on the train to Tokyo, the odds that it will be returned to me have now dramatically improved.

The Hi-uni art set has also received the anniversary treatment:MitsubishiSetBox

The range of this set encompasses 22 discrete grades of hardness.


Each of the three sets comes with a small lined notebook, whose paper is incredibly smooth and rather thick—it’s a shame they are not offered separately.


Special thanks to my friend Yumiko!

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5 Responses to Mitsubishi 130th Anniversary

  1. memm says:

    Drool. So beautiful!
    (Maybe too beautiful, so the odds of getting it back might not have improved afterall ;^). )


  2. Gunther says:

    Wonderful, especially your personalized Hi-uni pencils!


  3. Wilburn Newcomb says:

    I’m drooling too. Is there a U.S. Retailer?


  4. Sola says:

    The gold stamping’s come out really crisp, Sean. Beautiful! 🙂


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