“The Sudden Disappearance of Miss Take”

Eberhard Faber Miss Take (Short Story)

This promotional package for Eberhard Faber’s circular erasers comes with a story, or rather a short short story: “The Sudden Disappearance of Miss Take.”

Eberhard Faber Miss Take (Cover)

The inside has a cavity with room for one eraser. In this case a No. 6580 Medium, which is for “average use.”

Eberhard Faber Miss Take (Inside)

The travails of Mr. Boss and Miss Doe are as follows:

Eberhard Faber Miss Take Text

Let’s hope Miss Take has learned her lesson, and won’t be showing up again anytime soon.

Eberhard Faber Miss Take

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6 Responses to “The Sudden Disappearance of Miss Take”

  1. memm says:

    In the movies they keep their guns in those cavities, but an eraser seems a much nicer option.
    My father had one of those when I was a kind, the eraser, not this promotional material. I don’t know which brand, but I never knew how they worked. I assume the rubber was just too old and that’s why it didn’t seem to work at all…
    Thanks for showing us.


  2. Gunther says:

    What a beautiful item! Thank you for showing. – memm: As far as I know these erasers were generally quite hard and contained glass powder or pumice powder so that they could remove the paper in thin layers.


    • memm says:

      That’s how it seemed to me at the time, they damaged the paper. Either EF exaggerated in this ad (“…cleanly without injuring this paper”) or EF had a much better typewriter eraser than most competitors.


  3. I would say “What a beautiful item,” but Gunther already has. Oh, I’ll say it anyway: What a beautiful item! I have such an eraser somewhere, with a green brush attached. I think it was probably already beyond usability when I bought it (as a thing to have, not use).


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