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The organization of this blog has been updated a little bit:

  1. The main menu bar has been updated to include links to posts concerning my two visits to Faber-Castell in Stein.
  2. The separate posts of the second visit, called Two (K)nights to Remember: A Return to Faber-Castell, have been joined into one continuous post which now resides on its very own page.
  3. The menu bar now also has links for posts concerning Eberhard Faber and A.W. Faber (Castell), respectively. This should make it a little easier if you are looking for a particular item, or would just like to browse those two topics.


I haven’t decided yet but I am considering spinning-off the Faber history items and making them their own blog. On this blog I don’t post as much as I would like to about what current items I’ve come across, and increasingly it feels like I should chose one or the other. Perhaps I’ll call it “Fables of Faber.”


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8 Responses to Menu Items

  1. Gunther says:

    I would welcome “Fables of Faber”! 🙂 The round detail from an ad (?) looks beautiful.


    • Sean says:

      Yes, it’s from a slip I found in an old box of Mongol pencils (the one with the “Mongolian’s” face in profile on it) for the new pocket Mongol with Clamp. This coincidentally means that those old boxes were made at least until 1921, when the Clamp first appeared.


  2. Fables of Faber: +1. Is that a Mingus reference, Sean, or coincidence?


    • Sean says:

      It’s a reference, but more surface than essence. A lot of the time, researching the company history feels less like proper research than the collecting of fables (though not nearly as grimm).


  3. I was pretty sure you meant Mingus, but one never knows, does one? 🙂


  4. Oops — One never knows, do one?


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