That Sound.


I’m not certain how to spell it, but it’s certainly unmistakeable.


It can come from underfoot, occasionally from under elbow, but always from out of nowhere.


Don’t.        Move.
For a moment, all oxygen has left the room.

1,000 images pass through the mind’s eye, all at once, displaying every possible scenario. Followed by every possible rationalization.

“Couldn’t have been an old one…wouldn’t have sounded so bright.”


Wishing won’t make it so. You’ve just broken a pencil.

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3 Responses to That Sound.

  1. Yikes. I’ve dropped pencils and had the lead break into pieces, but I’ve never stepped on a pencil. Were you wearing shoes?


    • Sean says:

      I was kneeling on the corner of a bed where my jacket was in order to reach something, not knowing (or at least forgetting) there was something under there. The pencil I broke survived for almost 100 years, having passed through countless hands and as many dangers, until my knee got ahold of it. Awesome.

      Out of respect to the newly…disfigured…I didn’t include a photo. Perhaps later when a Van Dyke family member can be reached.


  2. memm says:

    I guess this can be your ‘Halloween pencil’.
    I hope it broke in such a way that you can make good use of the bigger half.


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