Oh, Tokyo!

DSCF0050 (1)

Still not enough time for a proper post, but hopefully in a few days that will be remedied. It’s too difficult to choose a top highlight so far, but the floor devoted almost entirely to globes at Ito-ya is in the running:


(Those are just the ones on the ceiling.)

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5 Responses to Oh, Tokyo!

  1. Matthias says:

    The shop sign alone is amazing – if I compare that to the local Staples I wonder must spectauclar treasures must be waiting for you inside the itoya store!


  2. Sola says:

    aka stationery paradise 🙂 Have fun and try not to go overboard!


  3. Stephen says:

    Suddenly feeling the need to own a proper globe…


  4. Gunther says:

    A floor devoted almost entirely to globes? That’s very unusual. Do you have the impression that globes are more propular in Japan than, say, the USA? And if yes, why?


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