Leather v. Silver (2)

DSCF0002 (1)

All better. It took a bit of effort and a dash of Tarn-x, but things seem to be back to normal.

DSCF0006 (1)

So the lesson here is obvious:

You shouldn’t leave this pencil in the leather case for 10 days. So…just 9 days I guess.

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4 Responses to Leather v. Silver (2)

  1. memm says:

    Just beautiful.
    Unfortunately the one I bought used a few years ago has lots of scratches. I never dared to try to polish them out, as I don’t know how thin the silver plating layer is.


  2. Sean says:

    Of all the the discontinued items I’d love to see come back, it’s this one. Tarnished silver can be a problem at point-of-sale, so why not make a platinum plated one? Or even one of stainless steel. I’ve just always loved the form factor of this one — and the early ones had an eraser inside the pencil extender.

    I guess it’s a good thing I’m not in charge of product development at Faber-Castell; I’d just say “yes” to everything. 🙂


  3. Sapphire says:

    I didn’t see the follow up post. I’m glad you got the tarnish off. You wouldn’t want to do that too often though.


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