“We ought to make a display for our products…”

I am trying to imagine how this conversation might have started.

Baron Lothar: “Wir sollten eine Anzeige für unsere Produkte zu machen.”
Mitarbeiter: “Oh? So… ein Schrank?”
Baron Lothar: “Nein! Viele, viele Schränke! Viele große Schränke…”

(Who knows…maybe it was Count Alexander.)

My guess is that this monumental display was likely used for any number of International Expositions, then perhaps ended up at the Faberhaus in Berlin (which was destroyed during the Second World War), or maybe at their Paris showroom. It would surprise me if it was housed in Stein, but it’s certainly a possibility. The photograph is from a 1911 issue of Deutsche Industrie—Deutsche Kultur.

I wonder what became of it.

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3 Responses to “We ought to make a display for our products…”

  1. Matthias says:

    What a palace of a display. I’m sure some emperors would even be jealous when they see this.


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