Storerooms in Stein

Images from 1911 of the storerooms and packaging area at A.W. Faber-Castell. I wonder if the same areas can be found today, or if they have been remodeled for other uses. The long hallway makes me think the storerooms are part of the main factory building:

Faber Packaging Room Faber Store Room 1911 A Faber Store Room 1911 B

Update 8/11: Faber-Castell in Germany kindly informed me that “The building, where the storing place and shipping department was situated around 1911, was demolished and replaced with a large modern building in 1975. Nowadays the press offices are located there.”

Thanks to Faber-Castell for the explanation!

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4 Responses to Storerooms in Stein

  1. jankdc says:

    Amazing. Thanks!


  2. Sapphire says:

    I wonder what the man in the bowler hat is doing. Perhaps he’s a potential customer examining a pencil before placing an order.


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