Kim~Ber~Ly, A Drawing Pencil


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6 Responses to Kim~Ber~Ly, A Drawing Pencil

  1. Sean says:

    New Jersey; má vlast.


  2. The cursive writing on the pencil looks so modern — are these recent pencils? And is the holder a salesman’s sample case? And what pencils follow the 9H? Drawing 1, 2, 3, 4? Whatever the answers to these questions, everything here is beautiful.


    • Sean says:

      These aren’t recent, though I don’t know the date just yet; I’m waiting to hear back from someone who should be able to tell me more. The Kim-Ber-Ly pencil (the hyphens are losing their charm) was first produced around 1908, back when General Pencil Company was called The Pencil Exchange.

      The lower four pencils are “tracing pencils”, which I think were used for lithography work. I don’t know if companies ever sent these out as premiums to dealers, etc., but I think it’s at least a salesman’s sample book. The gift sample items I’ve seen often say something like “With compliments from [company name].”


  3. Sola says:

    I picked up my first Kimberleys just the other day – so interesting to see their granddaddy 🙂


  4. Sola says:

    Oops – Kimberley (X). Kimberly (O)


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