Eberhard Faber Empress 434

DSCF0004DSCF0009Faber Empress 1912DSCF0018DSCF0017Faber Empress patentDSCF0010

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2 Responses to Eberhard Faber Empress 434

  1. Henry Chen says:

    Hey Sean! Do you know in what day and age I may still go and purchase some of these Faber Majestic, Royal, or Empress pencils? I have been such a big pencil enthusiast since elementary school, and I could just not find any lots on Ebay or anywhere T_T they look so gorgeous and a fine vintage specimen


    • Sean says:

      Hi Henry. It’s hit-or-miss I’m afraid. Ebay is probably the most likely place to find some, but engaging on pencil-related blogs might help in making a connection as well…


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