Frankfurt (2): Lexipuntalism

Perhaps the highlight of my time in Frankfurt though, was spending some time with Gunther from Lexikaliker.


I’ve been a fan of Lexikaliker since about 2008, and there’s hardly a blog out there that can compare with the care and attention to detail you’ll find there. Along with PencilTalk and Bleistift anything and everything I learned about pencils came from those three sites, and inspired me to do some blogging myself. The two hours or so we had to chat flew by very quickly, and meeting face-to-face was not only a great pleasure, it was also a great privilege for me (I only hope to remember at least half of the interesting things he shared with me tonight).

Highlights included seeing his fabled Janus sharpener in person (along with its custom leather pouch), and receiving a Hi-Uni Super-DX 8B pencil.

Vielen Dank an Gunther für einen wunderbaren Abend! 

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7 Responses to Frankfurt (2): Lexipuntalism

  1. Sola says:

    Wow, so you managed to meet after all!! It must have been wonderful 🙂


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  3. Stephen says:

    Woohoo, just saw this. So glad you had this opportunity!


  4. memm says:

    I wish I could have been there, too!
    What – no Kisho‽


  5. tedtypes says:

    What is that pencil that the person on the left is using?

    Also, where can one obtain that great little adjustable point protector that is on the left front?



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