The Boys: The Shermer Brothers’ Story

Animators weren’t the only ones at Disney who were fond of a particular species of avian pencilry; some composers were too (images © Walt Disney Studios):


Even if you don’t recognize the names ‘Robert and Richard Sherman’, it’s likely you will recognize their work: songs for Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, and The Jungle Book just to name a few.


The brothers collaborated for more than fifty years, though not always under the best circumstances. But even if not for the music some might enjoy this documentary for the Disney history alone.


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3 Responses to The Boys: The Shermer Brothers’ Story

  1. Avian pencilry: nice. I honestly can’t tell who’s who: did they agree on the brand, or is that the same Sherman wielding a pencil in each photo? Robert died in 2012: NY TImes obituary.


  2. Johnny says:

    Did you catch the piece that the Sunday Morning show in CBS did this week? I saw a quick Blackwing shot and thought of your site. 🙂


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