BT1 and 1511?

Two clamp-related items for this post: one is familiar, the other less so.


The “BT1” is another iteration of the Eberhard Faber double-clamp eraser. It looks nearly identical to the No. 2095 from a recent post, and both are German-made:


Little of the original erasers remain but like the 2095, one is for graphite and the other is for ink. This leads me to wonder how many different versions there were of this item (I know of at least one more, No. 2097A where one side is a brush), or perhaps, how many different configurations there were (e.g. types of erasers, etc.).

This pencil, though, is a bit of a mystery to me. It’s an early clutch pencil with a wooden body and a clamp eraser. I think it’s from Eberhard Faber, but I’m not sure: the only product number I can discern is “1511”, everything else is worn off.



But just because it has a clamp eraser doesn’t necessarily mean that it is from Eberhard Faber—there were plenty of imitators for a while. Also, this is the only time I’ve seen this kind of ferrule with so much oxidation:


The banding and clip look consistent with Eberhard Faber products, so perhaps then it is an early model (ca. 1921-1925).

Anyone from the leadholder crowd know about this pencil?

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7 Responses to BT1 and 1511?

  1. Kevin says:

    The ‘X’ with dots on either side of the Grade and the typeface is a dead give away for a Koh-I-Noor 1500 drawing pencil and I guess the 1511 is the erasered variant. Well that’s my best guess anyway.


    • Sean says:

      Excellent, Kevin! Thanks! A quick check over at supports your conclusion:

      But, what about the clamp eraser? It doesn’t seem like a custom job to me (by that I mean I think it’s factory issue), but I don’t have any experience with these pencils.


      • Kevin says:

        I agree – looks like a non factory job to me… much like yours (and my) home versions of Blackwing erasers on other pencils.


  2. Kevin says:

    Sorry, Sean, I didn’t quite read your reply correctly. If you look at the first 1511 on Dennis’s site, the one without the ivory cap, there is what looks like a lesser diameter metal sub part which I think would make the home-made placement of a clamp eraser quite easy. On my home made ones I can’t tell that the clamp is non-factory…other than slight looseness.


    • Sean says:

      It feels very solid. If someone did it by hand, they did a very good job. I don’t have an extensive knowledge of all the clamp imitators there were, but if this ferrule isn’t from Eberhard Faber it’s as close a duplicate as I’ve seen.


  3. Kevin says:

    Intersetingly, referring to Leadholder (again) your model appears to be a 1940s variant which is the same time frame as the clamp erasered “Van Dyke” 609 leadholder. The clamp eraser on the 609 is very similar (no black band – which could have worn off, given the general poor condition of this clamp eraser) to the KIN 1511, so it would seem quite feasible that this is a KIN knock-off or a 609 clamp attached to the KIN 1511.


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