Eberhard Faber No. 2095


This item appears to be the German cousin of No. 1085, fitted with both adjustable and replaceable graphite and ink erasers:


Until I saw one in person I wasn’t sure how its size compared to the clamp erasers found on Eberhard Faber pencils. There is quite a difference in size, and the metal body has some considerable heft to it as well:


This would still be a handy item today, even with just two graphite erasers.

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10 Responses to Eberhard Faber No. 2095

  1. jankdc says:

    Sean, great blog. I just found it and missed your writings. I think it was you who had a similar one before blackwingpages that I used to read.


  2. Gunther says:

    It’s a very appealing item! – I wonder why small (i. e. flat) erasers aren’t easily available these days (the only one I know of is the Tombow Mono smart).


  3. Sean says:

    Imagine a sterling silver, Graf von Faber-Castell version?


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  5. kurt says:

    Bin meinen Eberhard Faber No.2095 sehr zu frieden


  6. kurt says:

    Bin meinen Eberhard Faber No.2095 sehr zu frieden
    aus was für ein Jahr stammt dieser dppelt Clamp


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