A Night in Mongolia

All photos are ca. 1950, and are from the Brooklyn Historical Society.

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2 Responses to A Night in Mongolia

  1. Do your Blackwings know about these posts?


    • Sean says:

      You know it’s still so surprising to me, after all of the searching I’ve done and all of the Eberhard Faber-related things I’ve found—ads, news, and interviews spanning 1849 to present—that there is such a paucity of items related to the Blackwing. It’s almost non-existent; no displays, no ads, no photos. You’d think that from a statistical point of view I’d at least come across something every once in a while. I can only conclude that they truly were a word-of-mouth favorite.

      But this might be an aspect of my bleistift skotoma acting up again, because apart from the Mongol, Microtomic, and Van Dyke, I haven’t come across much about any of their thousands of other pencils either (e.g. ever see a Contak 440 advertised?).

      If only I could spend an hour or two with Mr. Faber IV…every single question would be answered. 🙂


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