Faber-Castell 9008 Steno

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11 Responses to Faber-Castell 9008 Steno

  1. Adair says:

    Ah, yes. One of the great pencils still in existence, yet not for long, I fear…


  2. Adair says:

    The FC Steno’s counterpart in the fountainpen world is the Pelikan Steno. It is a modest, inexpensive pen with a very fine nib and wonderful to use for note-taking. Until recently, you could buy it at German department stores like Karstadt and Kaufhof. Alas, it was discontinued last year, like the Staedtler Stenofix…


  3. Sean says:

    By the way, does anyone have a source for some old stock Stenofix pencils? I missed the boat on those.


  4. John says:

    I hope this isn’t some kind of American flag-waving (!), but have you good folks tried the Field Notes Steno? I know next to nothing about stenography (and haven’t tried stenography pencils or many books), but the paper is, well, wonderful — nothing like their usual paper (which is, in itself, nice for a pocket notebook). http://fieldnotesbrand.com/the-steno/
    Their pencils are round and hold a point fairly well, but I don’t know how well they hold up to stenographic purposes. I wonder, with FN’s penchant for making “throw-back” products, if all the pencils bloggers could get together and convince Field Notes to make a stenography pencil?
    (Geez, now I go from flag-waving to advertising.)


    • Sean says:

      Well, at least there aren’t any flags on the pencils. 🙂
      I like the Field Notes pencils, though I can’t say that I’ve used them much since I tried them. I have yet to try their notebooks.


  5. Adair says:

    John, I agree: the Field Notes pencils are really great. They make a nice dark mark and sharpen well. I always keep some handy. Yes, they are perfect for writing in FN notebooks, but I have found them especially suited for using on Rite in the Rain pads. I don’t who makes these pencils (or where) for FN—I wouldn’t assume that they are American-made, but perhaps they are.


  6. Matthias says:

    This evening there’ll be a programme about Stenography on BBC Radio 4 (also available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01phgjq ).


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